Achieving Urban Flood Resilience in an Uncertain Future
University of Nottingham

Learning and Action Alliances 

Learning and Action Alliances (LAAs) are cooperative, horizontal forums where people can bring their expertise, but talk freely outside of any organisational constraints in an atmosphere of mutual trust and ownership. 

They are dynamic groupings that can grow organically, being open to all who have an interest, but within it specific sub-groupings to focus on particular interests and problems are encouraged. 

LAAs provide a platform to facilitate open knowledge-sharing and discussions, encouraging the development of a clearer vision and enabling progress towards that end. 

This may involve participants willing to take risks and discuss options previously outside the constraints of existing formal institutional settings. 

Solutions or ideas are afterwards presented in formal inter-organisational decision-making processes. 


Further information

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Watch  Emily O'Donnell's webinar on LAAs (YouTube). 




Newcastle Upon Tyne

Focus: retrofit solutions

Established in 2014

Formerly part of the Blue-Green Cities project (2013-2016)



Focus: new build solutions

Established in 2016


Urban Flood Resilience Research Project

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telephone: +44 (0)115 846 8137